John has developed a great depth of knowledge and experience over two decades in Ottawa, serving in three portfolios in legislation and communications while in government and in senior communications and stakeholder relations roles while in opposition. He also has extensive agency experience, providing strategic counsel and communications advice for a wide range of clients in the technology, health care, education and financial services sectors.

Most recently he worked in government as Director of Communications for the Liberal Research Bureau, playing a key leadership role in the planning and execution of the digital communications strategy for both caucus and Cabinet Members, and working closely with the Prime Minister’s office to provide issues management and strategic support in a wide range of policy areas.

A natural communicator and strategist, John has both authored and overseen the development of  digital marketing and communications products in the public and private sectors, and has designed winning campaigns, covering all areas of brand management and marketing strategy. He also provides media training and crisis management counsel for those in senior leadership roles and has guest lectured on building compelling narratives for the digital media landscape.

With a graduate degree from the University of Toronto, John began his career writing for broadcast news and is now the author of two books – the most recent a political crime thriller that he maintains is completely fictional.