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Michelle Obama sets stellar example for future change-makers

As Michelle Obama embarks on her global book tour, connecting with audiences in promotion of her first book Becoming, she is proving herself to be a powerful political force for the causes she chooses to support. While she has been clear that she has no intention to run for public office herself, she has turned her attention […]

Viola Desmond’s legacy a light that shines on other trailblazers

This week marked the official circulation of Canada’s new $10 bank note highlighting the story of trail-blazing entrepreneur and civil rights activist Viola Desmond. Desmond was selected in a process that spanned years of public consultation to identify an iconic Canadian woman to be featured on a regularly circulating bank note. Canadians welcomed the concept […]

Don’t forget our marginalized neighbours

When it comes to solving our most complex societal issues — from tackling the roots of violence to promoting greater societal inclusion for our most marginalized neighbours — charitable community institutions are beacons of light. Research from these groups brings informed solutions to the table and front-line staff interact every day with Canadians who are […]

Stacey Abrams is a special kind of political force

As the American midterm elections come to a close this week, the spotlight is on the race for governor in Georgia. The southern state has been graced by the heaviest of political hitters over the past few days, to campaign alongside the talented Democratic nominee for governor, Stacey Abrams. Congressman and civil rights leader John […]

It’s time for new voices on Toronto city council

The 2018 municipal elections are upon us and it’s time to engage locally and support movements toward better representation on our elected councils across the country. Over the past few years community-led initiatives, such as Women Win Toronto and Operation Black Vote Canada, have been working to recruit, train and deliver wraparound supports for first-time women […]

Humility, empathy are key to Ontario Liberals’ rebuild

The results of the provincial election delivered a devastating blow to the Ontario Liberal Party. This week, the remaining members of caucus met and unanimously endorsed John Fraser as interim leader as the party embarks on its rebuilding process. After 15 years spent sensibly building the province of Ontario, the Ontario Liberal Party now enters […]

Feel the thrill of being involved in a campaign

“It’s difficult for so many of us leading just-in-time lives, but I hope you’ll find a couple of hours to find a candidate you support, walk into their campaign office and ask how you can help,” writes Tiffany Gooch. “Let the bug catch you. Step into the excitement of the movement.”