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What lobbyists are watching for as Senate scrutinizes cannabis bill: Lobby Monitor

“Everybody is looking for clarity and certainty,” said Shane Mackenzie, an associate consultant at Ensight Canada, in a phone interview. What the Senate’s independent contingent has made clear though is that “anything is better than the status quo, and they will pass the bill even if they see it as a slightly flawed bill when it comes to the third-reading vote,” he added.


Jagmeet Singh’s First Test As Leader: Mackenzie

[:en]The truest test of Singh’s mettle does not lie in Quebec. Singh’s greatest test for 2019 will be helping his old colleagues in their 2018 Ontario election bid. Ensight’s Shane Mackenzie in Loonie Politics on this:. The new kid on the national block, former Deputy Leader of the Ontario NDP and MPP Jagmeet Singh, has […]


Trump and the Art of the NAFTA Deal: Mackenzie

[:en]In the late 1980s, Donald J. Trump appeared as though he had a future in politics. Take a trip back with me. As a fresh-faced real-estate mogul in New York City in his early forties, Trump chummed it up with Clintons on the party circuit and even had Oprah tempting him into flirting with an […]