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Day One Of Legal Cannabis For Canada

Yes, We Can-nabis You can’t have missed it. The Government of Canada’s Cannabis Act came into legal force midnight last night. Canada has become the first G20 country to legalize and regulate the substance for recreational purposes, and the second country in the world to nationally legalize.  This development builds on almost two decades of experience in the medical cannabis sphere. The legal […]


Where’s Your Climate Plan, Andrew Scheer?

“Of course… I will unveil a plan,” remarked Conservative leader Andrew Scheer in April 2018 when asked about the whereabouts of an alternative Conservative climate plan that will meet the Paris agreement targets. We’re still waiting. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has turned the tables on Scheer many times in the past. She uses Question Period to ask […]

Political Twitter Parodies Are A Sad Excuse For Free Speech

Is operating a social media account in the likeness and purported voice of a public official “parody” or “impersonation?” Is there a reasonable limit on this behaviour that is, at best, “trolling” or, at worst, intentionally perpetuating libelous misinformation? The recent proliferation of Twitter profiles bearing misspelled federal cabinet ministers’ names and using their official portraits has […]

What lobbyists are watching for as Senate scrutinizes cannabis bill: Lobby Monitor

“Everybody is looking for clarity and certainty,” said Shane Mackenzie, an associate consultant at Ensight Canada, in a phone interview. What the Senate’s independent contingent has made clear though is that “anything is better than the status quo, and they will pass the bill even if they see it as a slightly flawed bill when it comes to the third-reading vote,” he added.