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Meet Your New Cabinet – A Reset for Risk Mitigation, Bolstering Regional Strengths

This morning, the Prime Minister rejigged his federal Cabinet, a move prompted by the surprise resignation of Scott Brison. Today’s shuffle saw three ministers change roles, the creation of a new ‘Rural Economic Development’ ministry and promotions for two Parliamentary Secretaries. Canada’s Five New Ministers Jane Philpott, President of the Treasury Board and Minister of […]

Bridging the New Great Divide: Reaching the ‘Persuadables’

While social media have had incalculable positive effects on democracy and human rights, the corruption of social media content and exploitation of personal and aggregate data has adversely impacted democracy on two levels: the propagation of misrepresentational content meant to influence behaviour and the doubt cast on democracy as a system as a result of […]

The Longer I’m Premier: What You Can Expect from the First Year of a Ford Government and Why That Should Worry Team Trudeau

In the wake of this landmark Conservative victory last night, there will be, among progressive voters, prognostications about Ford’s reign that paint a rosy scenario for the next federal election campaign. The revelations of sundry legal and ethical challenges a number of Tory candidates weathered over the last two months are just a precursor to […]


Reading Victories in Relief: The Unspoken Trump-Trudeau Accord

In his address to American governors in July, Justin Trudeau updated his father’s famous quip that sharing a border with their country was like sleeping next to an elephant by describing Canada, in our bilateral metaphor, as not a mouse but a moose,“strong and peaceable but still massively outweighed.” The famously emotionally intelligent Liberal leader’s […]