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Ensight’s Post-Election Spotlight Series: The NDP

As we reflect on the election and what’s next, we continue to create one-pagers that can help show the shape of the political landscape for you and your team. Take a look at our latest on the NDP & the progressive policy bargaining power involved in minority Parliaments. Download here.

A Primer on Minority Governments

Minority governments such as the one Canadians elected on Monday are different. How they work is different and how you work with them should be different, too. Here’s a primer on what to expect. Glossary Coalition: Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed today that the Liberals would not form a coalition during this Parliament, but coalitions are […]

Canada’s 43 rd Federal Election – By The Numbers

With the dust settling and results in, the endless news cycles around the federal election are already fading into the rear-view mirror. That said, the numbers and what they mean for each party still warrant further examination – so here are the most important numbers from the election, by party. Liberal 157 – That’s the […]

Closing the Enthusiasm Gap – By: Brayden Akers

Since this election began, a consensus has emerged in national polling showing the Liberals and Conservatives essentially tied in support.  Neither party has managed to sustain a significant lead outside the margin of error. It’s a frustrating dynamic for both parties. Both have thrown opposition research at the wall, announced various policies targeted to their voters, […]

One Issue, Two Very Different Perceptions – By: Patrick Doyon

Last week, the «brownface» scandal of Justin Trudeau created a shockwave of outrage across Canada. All of Canada? Not quite. While “English Canada” was busy outlining everything that was wrong with the three instances of brown or black make-up by Justin Trudeau, media and commentators in Quebec spent more of its time outlining why it’s […]


Trump’s Inauguration and Canada: Ensight’s John Delacourt on 570 News Kitchener

[:en]Ensight Vice President, John Delacourt, recently appeared on Kitchener’s 570 News to discuss the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump and what this will mean for Canada moving forward. The interview has been reproduced below.   Note: This interview originally appeared on 570 News: The Eric Drozd Show on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.  John Delacourt is a Vice President at Ensight and a former director […]