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It’s a New Era in Canada – China Relations

Forget about a Canada – China Free Trade Agreement. Forget about more access into China’s huge market for Canadian goods and agricultural products. By the time the current dispute between Ottawa and Beijing has been played out to it’s final conclusion, we’ll be lucky if we still have diplomatic relations between the two countries. Many […]

Donald Trump’s continued outsized influence on Canada

Donald Trump sucks the oxygen out of every political maneuver and debate in the United States. Now, it’s possible he might do the same in Canada, as we head towards a federal election on October 21st, just over nine months from now. Certainly the American President was a dominant figure in our politics for much […]

Analysis: A Canadian Economic Statement, Inspired by a US President

Donald Trump helped write the Trudeau Government’s Fall Economic Update, but instead of copying the American President’s low tax economic prescription, Ottawa instead is giving tax breaks to businesses in specific industries, providing those businesses invest in the economy first. Finance Minister Bill Morneau is giving Canada’s manufacturers and clean energy industries immediate tax write […]


Don Newman: Budget 2018 Doubles Down on Liberal Strengths

The Trudeau Government’s third budget tabled in the House of Commons February 27, reinforced and underlined government policies in the first two years of its mandate and outlined where it plans to go to try and win a second mandate in 2019. What it didn’t do was directly deal with the two biggest issues overhanging […]


Trump the Disruptor: Don Newman

Since Donald Trump was sworn into office a year ago as president of the United States with his “America First” agenda, friends and allies have been lamenting the lack of world leadership by the United States. That is, until December 6th. In a classic case of be careful what you wish for, Trump stood the […]