Jesse is driven by the privilege of helping people and organizations tell their story effectively.

With a decade of unique experiences in journalism and public affairs, Jesse has established a proven track record of engaging with partners and stakeholders to deliver results on deadline.

A creative, discerning, and fully bilingual professional, Jesse has an informed understanding of the conversations that occur within newsrooms and public offices.

Notably as former Press Secretary to the Premier of New Brunswick, Jesse accumulated broad experience identifying and managing issues surrounding natural resources, transportation, energy, environment, information technologies, economic and community development, and official languages.

Jesse’s knowledge and expertise in strategic communications, crisis management, as well as media and stakeholder relations is informed by his experiences as an award-winning daily newspaper reporter, editor, and columnist. Through years of reporting and managing public affairs from within the walls of industry, courthouses, city halls and legislative chambers, Jesse has gained a wealth of knowledge in synthesizing complex files and producing targeted, strategic recommendations for action. A graduate of Université de Moncton in journalism and literature, Jesse is focused on empowering clients to move forward on their priorities.