A native of Ottawa, Andrew Balfour has worked in and around Parliament Hill for most of his professional career. He has advised ministers, MPs, senators and leaders of the opposition. Most recently he has served as the Director of Public Affairs with Canada’s leading progressive think-tank, Canada 2020. He was part of the team that brought Hillary Clinton, Chris Hadfield, Brian Mulroney and David Miliband to Ottawa. Canada 2020 also produces extensive amounts of original research in all areas of public policy.

He had also served as lead public affairs advisor on multiple Supreme Court cases, including the ground-breaking Bedford v Canada (sex work); Carter v Canada (assisted dying) cases; and Smith v Canada (medical marijuana) cases.

Away from politics, he is a co-founder of the Scottish Society of Ottawa; a founding board member of the Westboro Community Association; and, a contributing writer for Canada’s leading public policy publication, Policy.