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Nathalie Des Rosiers and Marie-France Lalonde dared to lead

This editorial first appeared in the Toronto Star on Sunday, May 19, 2019. Less than a year after their election, it was revealed last week that two Ontario Liberal members of provincial parliament will be formally resigning in the pursuit of new leadership roles. MPPs Marie-France Lalonde and Nathalie Des Rosiers, representing the ridings of […]

Fitzroy Gordon left a legacy of resilience and inclusion

This editorial first appeared in the Toronto Star on Sunday, May 5, 2019.  The Canadian media landscape lost a great leader this week, with the passing of Fitzroy “Mr. G” Gordon, founder and chief executive officer of G98.7FM, at age 65. Mr. G took pride in combining music programming with meaningful political and social discourse and […]

Morneau budget hit the right notes

This piece originally appeared in the Toronto Star on March 24, 2019. The Liberals had a lot to accomplish in the final budget of their mandate as they head into the election this fall. An effective government should be able to do four things at once: Address the issues of today facing Canadians. Plan toward […]

Leave families out of news coverage

The 2019 federal election year is upon us and Canadian political discourse is moving at a furious pace. With new information regarding the SNC-Lavalin affair surfacing by the minute, journalists have been admirably vigilant in their pursuit of presenting the facts, as they are made available, to the Canadian public. But amidst the various, thoughtful […]

How Black Canadians can make their ancestors proud

This past weekend, leaders from across the country came together for the second Summit of Black Canadians hosted by the Michaëlle Jean Foundation. It was a weekend of much needed intergenerational and regional connection, sharing, and momentum. Participants included politically engaged lawyers, teachers, artists, business leaders, nurses, doctors, trade unionists, students, historians, community activists, and […]

Creating a culture of consent on campus

Following decades of student-led advocacy, the federal Liberals are showing leadership with the establishment of a national framework to outline how colleges and universities address gender-based violence prevention and provide support for survivors of sexual assault. This month, an advisory committee gave input on the national framework, which will standardize policies surrounding service offerings, prevention […]

Liberals must pass a cannabis amnesty law

When the Trudeau government set out to deliver on its core campaign commitment to legalize cannabis, success was defined for many by legislation that did not impede on each province’s autonomy over responsible implementation. The timeline was ambitious, and history was ultimately made on Oct. 17, 2018 with the passage of The Cannabis Act. Throughout the process, I’d […]