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Reading Victories in Relief: The Unspoken Trump-Trudeau Accord

In his address to American governors in July, Justin Trudeau updated his father’s famous quip that sharing a border with their country was like sleeping next to an elephant by describing Canada, in our bilateral metaphor, as not a mouse but a moose,“strong and peaceable but still massively outweighed.” The famously emotionally intelligent Liberal leader’s […]


This Week’s First Ministers’ Meeting Marks A Turn in Trudeau’s Dialogue with the Premiers

[:en]Canada’s Premiers gathered in Ottawa this week but the tone was very different than their first meeting in 2015. Our John Delacourt on a changing perception of government and working effectively with Canada’s Premiers. In November of 2015, in the early days of this government, one of the significant gestures Trudeau made was to convene […]


The Singh Victory: Spin Versus Reality

[:en]Jagmeet Singh’s first ballot win today in the NDP leadership contest is going to generate a great deal of copy and punditry from across the political spectrum. Herewith is a quick reality check with regard to the spin, pro and contra-Singh, that you’re about to read and hear. Contra: He’s a 905 phenomenon. Outside of […]