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Tory divide a painful lesson not learned by all

Ask any Canadian conservative about federal politics during the mid-’90s, and you will be met with a grimace. Just when right-of-centre provincial parties were making substantial headway across the country, the Reform, Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties were insisting on a futile battle for voter support that saw them languish in second, third or even […]

Ford’s fast-paced summer agenda proving critics wrong

When political parties, who have spent years wandering aimlessly in the wilderness of opposition, eventually come to power, they are often counselled by their new advisers to pause and take a moment to catch their breath. This advice is offered not just with the best of intentions, but for good reason as well: campaigns are […]

On Pride and politics

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that this month’s Pride celebration doesn’t still matter. For the young lesbian woman living in Northern Ontario who travels to Toronto for the first time and finds a community of over a million supporters. For the closeted refugee who sneaks off to Pride because his family does not accept […]

Why voters were attracted to Doug Ford

The fact Doug Ford won a majority government is now old news, so let’s turn to why he won. In the days after the polls closed, my firm, Navigator, undertook a research study to determine why voters made the choices they did. The research was based on a simple premise: If we could figure why […]

Why Ontarians relate to Doug Ford and not his media critics

A deeply revealing moment occurred just minutes after having led the PC party to a large majority government after years in the political wilderness, Doug Ford was declared the next Premier of Ontario. Traditionally, the political party leaders speak in order of their placement. With Premier Wynne and the Liberals placing a distant third, it was expected […]

Toronto Mayor John Tory ‘remains a political juggernaut’

As the Ontario provincial election race careens into its final weeks, there is already one clear winner: Toronto Mayor John Tory. After decades in and around political arenas at the national and provincial level, Tory has hit his stride as the leader of the fourth-largest city in North America. After decades as a partisan politician, […]

For Ontario voters, Andrea Horwath may be ‘just right’

The fairy tale that best fits this Ontario election: Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The voters, playing the role of Goldilocks, find the Liberal porridge has grown cold and, for many, Doug Ford’s Conservative bowl a trifle hot. That leaves Andrea Horwath and the NDP an opportunity: to serve porridge that is exactly right temperature for the times.

Dumping Granic Allen shows Ford’s evolution as a leader

Anyone who believes the adage that “you dance with the one who brung ya,” must be taken aback by the latest developments from Doug Ford’s campaign. Justifying his decision to bounce Tanya Granic Allen as candidate, Ford declared that “her characterization of certain issues and people has been irresponsible.” Those “certain issues” include public-voiced anti-Muslim […]

Toxic Trump a long-term threat to the presidency

In the early 20th century, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt referred to the office of the President as a “bully pulpit.” Many have described the ability to speak to the nation from behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office as the most significant power a president has. Trump has, in my view, put that power at risk, writes Jaime Watt.