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Memo To Andrew Scheer

Don Newman’s advice to the Conservative leader to remember who his real opponent is Mr. Scheer: The next time Justin Trudeau says he will not take part in a debate during the election campaign, do what he does and don’t show up. What? You will say. I am not afraid of the Canadian people. I […]

The ‘Big E’ Election—Energy and the Environment

This editorial first appeared in Policy Magazine. In a country that remains a major oil producing nation and whose energy policy landscape includes political, regional, jurisdictional and Indigenous rights considerations, the term “pipeline politics” doesn’t begin to cover the complexity of the issue. In an election year, things get more interesting.   This year’s federal election […]

How Climate Change Could Impact Post-Election Power in Ottawa

This column first appeared in Policy Magazine. With public opinion polls showing the Liberals and Conservatives in a virtual dead heat five months before the federal election, it is not too early to speculate what kind of Parliament Canadians will elect if the current preferences hold until voting day, October 21st. The simple conclusion is that […]

Which Shoe Will Drop Next Week?

Next Tuesday will it be the new shoes or the other shoe to drop that gets most of the attention? That’s because next Tuesday, March 19th, is both the day that Finance Minister Bill Morneau will bring down his last budget before next October’s election, and also the day that the House of Commons Justice […]

Two Issues that will affect Election 2019

It is not always the case, but this week Parliament Hill in Ottawa showcased two of the issues that might determine the outcome of the federal election on October 21st. One of the issues played out in the temporary ten year home of the House of Commons in the West Block next door to the […]